DroidTerm PRO 1.2: Multi Character Encoding Support

I am happy to announce that DroidTerm PRO finally supports different character encodings which can be useful to connect with some legacy systems that still uses things like the CodePage 437 to extend ASCII. Current character encodings are:

– ISO 8859-1
– UTF-8 (set by default)
– UTF-16
– CP437

To change the character encoding, press the menu button in the upper right corner and select character encoding.

There are tons of legacy encodings there so I probably will add some of them in next months.

More information about DroidTerm Pro and its free version
Happy crafting!


One thought on “DroidTerm PRO 1.2: Multi Character Encoding Support

  1. I purchased DroidTerm PRO after trying DroidTerm. Both work for what I needed. I’m using this app in conjunction with the Plugable serial cable using the PL2303 chipset. I have it connected between my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro tablet and a Cisco 3750 network switch console port. When I turn on my bluetooth keyboard, the DroidTerm screen goes all blue (all the text disappears). Also, I need screen rotation because my usb port is on the bottom edge of the tablet in portrait mode. So, here’s a few suggestions for improvements: enable the use of a bluetooth keyboard and allow screen rotation. The bluetooth keyboard works fine with other apps.

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