Hello everybody! I am Felipe, a computer programmer from Spain. Although I got a bachelor of science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (you know, high frequency circuits, antennas and all that stuff) I soon discovered that I am more talented with a text editor and a compiler rather than a board and a bunch of JFET transistors.

Over the course of the last years I have developed some open-source projects that can be useful to you like UsbSerial, and a USB mass storage library for Android. among other little projects. If some of them has been helpful for your own developments and you want to help them going consider making a donation.

Follow me at Github: felHR85
Email me If you want to 🙂


3 thoughts on “About

  1. How about some instructions and requirements for Air-Adb, It crashes not finding BASH.exe !! Who install Bash.exe – Instructions please! Add it to your web or even the Description of the Plugin!

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