DroidTerm 6.5 now supports for Arduino clones using CH340/CH341 chipsets

Last information about the current state of DroidTerm. Please check it out

As title says, I’ve managed to add support in DroidTerm and UsbSerial for those cheap Arduino clones which use the Ch34x family usb to serial chipsets (thanks Paul for providing me with one).
Besides of that. I fixed two bugs:
– A bug that appeared when a CDC device connection was disconnected and reconnected without unplugging.
– Now DroidTerm keeps logging data (if a profile was created) when the screen is turned off.

I hope DroidTerm is still useful for you guys and I hope I could start to add some new features soon.



6 thoughts on “DroidTerm 6.5 now supports for Arduino clones using CH340/CH341 chipsets

  1. Thank’s you very much. Your app is the best .the most rapid recognizing interface. My principal use is for send command to motor ecu via OBD interface. It’s possible to send hex command by your software ?. Excuse me for my poor english .Thank’S you very much.

  2. Somehow new generation of CH340 dongles fails to work with older drivers, failing to initialise … something needs to be updated. Would try to make a report

    • Those CH340 always causing troubles! I am afraid I don’t own any of the generation. I would really appreciate it a report or log with the new calls necessary to initialize them.

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