Apps and projects using UsbSerial

When I started UsbSerial to fill my own needs I never really expected it would be used for other programmers to their own apps and project but eventually it happened! These are some of the projects where it is used besides DroidTerm and DroidTerm PRO. If you want your project listed here just contact me 🙂

APRSdroid is an Android application for Amateur Radio operators that allows to report your position to the APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System). UsbSerial is used to connect TNC’s (Terminal node controllers) to the Android device. I am not sure if this feature is in release mode but there are interesting developments in the APRSDroid github.

The guys from BLECentral have developed a project to allow people with severe movement limitations use an Android tablet. I personally saw it and it is an awesome example of how technology can enhance people’s life! UsbSerial is used to connect the special mouse to the tablet.

Akvo Caddisfly, the water quality testing kit
Akvo is a not-for-profit foundation that creates open source, internet and mobile software and sensors. One of their projects is Akvo Caddisfly, an Android application to test water quality in a very low cost way. UsbSerial is used to communicate with the sensors to test water’s conductivity. The app is open-source and its code is hosted on Github


MuseTheReal is an amazing project that shows how science, engineering and fashion can be put together to create something amazing. MuseTheReal showcases the relationship between music and consciousness. This project performs in the MakeFashion gala in Calgary, Canada. A gala where fashion and wearables is combined with fashion. The code is available on Github.

Check out this interview with Angie, Ksenia and the rest of the team!

A DIY Android Auto

This is a great example of what a hacker really is. Dennys from Ukraine is developing a DIY Android Auto for his 2009 Kia Ceed. A great DIY example.

A UsbSerial wrapper for Delphi

A UsbSerial wrapper for the Basic4Android development


4 thoughts on “Apps and projects using UsbSerial

    • I have also noticed that setting the baud rate to 256000 and the number or data bits to 16 (as opposed to 115200 and 8 in some of the standard examples I could find on your site) offers a nice speedup when you are transferring multiple KB (or more) of data over the Android USB port. In particular, I use these settings with my Android apps that involve serial USB:

      in place of:

      You might consider adding these two settings as standard in the library. I’ve seen online that even higher baud rates are supported with the Linux kernels (on Android?), but it would require some testing to tweak this fully. My device is running a recent Oreo API, BTW.

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