Get vendor and product name from VID and PID in Android

Usb devices are identified by two 16-bit numbers known as VID and PID (Vendor id and Product Id). These keys are, among a lot of other things, an advantage of Usb over other vintage ports as serial ports. Unfortunately if you are developing an application which needs to show a readable information about devices attached to usb root hubs these keys are pretty cryptic and need to be decoded into human readable information.
During the development of DroidTerm I reach this problem because I am working on a Usb viewer of what is attached to Usb port. First I was looking for a beautiful REST API with its fancy methods and its json responses but I only could find The Usb Id repository which is a text file and nothing more. But It seems very complete and reasonably updated so there is no reason to moan.
I defined this features:
– Data should be stored locally using SQLite to avoid dependency on network.
– Local database should be updated when new devices were added to Usb Id Repository.
– All database operations should be encapsulated.
So I released this piece of code to fill my own requirements.
An example of how it works:

* Example of use
* @author: felhr (

// Clone all the files needed: git clone
// Permissions needed: <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" /> 

// There are some callbacks related with created, opened and updated database events. It is not necessary to use them.
private UsbDataProvider.UsbDbCallback mCallback = new UsbDataProvider.UsbDbCallback()
	public void onDbOpenedFirstTime(boolean status)
	// status == false means database could not be created due to an error fetching data from source
	// status == true means database was successfully created

	// Code here

	public void onDbOpened()
	// Database opened
	// Code here

	public void onDbUpdated(String newVersion)
	// Database updated with newVersion
	// Code here

UsbDataProvider dataProvider;
dataProvider = new UsbDataProvider(context, mCallback); // Create and open, open or update and open database if necessary. Notifications on callback
//dataProvider = new UsbDataProvider(context)

String vid = "03f0"; // Must be an hex representation of 16 bit number (0000-FFFF). Don't worry about uppercase or lowercase
String pid= "010C"; // Must be an hex representation of 16 bit number (0000-FFFF). Don't worry about uppercase or lowercase

UsbData data = dataProvider.lookup(vid, pid); // Returns null if vid or pid are not valid inputs or database could not be created
if(data != null)
	String vendorName = data.getVendorName(); // Vendor name
	String productName = data.getProductName(); // Product name

I hope you find this piece of code useful. Happy craft!


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